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Developing Psychic Awareness

Together, each week we will build the foundations of your development. Focusing on working from your own level of awareness you are encouraged to grow at your own pace in a fun and safe environment.

We start each week with a meditation and then focus on learning new skill sets using our spiritual energy to strengthen our chakras, our aura or energy field, and our ability to develop on a personal level. Each student will receive a detailed Workbook, and further notes will be given each week of this 6-week course.  The practical exercises will provide opportunities to use your intuition in new and exciting ways. And, of course, we sit in the silence to blend with spirit and strengthen our power with the unseen world.


31 Aug 2020


13:00 - 14:30




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  • Eloise Fielke
    Eloise Fielke

    As an intuitive, psychic medium, energy practitioner, crystal dreaming practitioner and developing sacred shamanic space holder, I encourage you to look deeper within yourself and connect with your purpose and true nature. Purpose, intuition and connection help us to find our harmony, balance and wholeness. Throughout my sessions I provide you with the space, support and tools necessary to move forward with your healing to empower your life.